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Grant Writing is what Key Fundraising is best known for. Key Fundraising specializes in all forms of grant writing, including the research, preparation, submission and stewardship of grant proposals to local, regional, and national foundations and corporations. Key Fundraising subscribes to the Foundation Directory Online, and can easily determine what foundation prospects are best for your organization. No grant application is too small or too big for Key Fundraising!

Direct Mail is a key part of any annual campaign, and Key Fundraising creates direct mail campaigns that will increase your rate-of-return (aka the dollars you bring in through the mail). Key Fundraising will establish a direct mail schedule for you that will help you achieve your organization’s annual fundraising goals, including direct mail appeals, newsletters and “Top Tier” solicitations.

Special Events are fun, but labor-intensive. Key Fundraising will streamline your current fundraising special event or help you create a new fundraising special event that will turn your donors into friends. Do you need a luncheon for 200 guests? How about a golf tournament or wine auction? Key Fundraising will help you make it happen!

Capital Campaigns need an impartial and independent point-of-view to help steer them in the right direction. Key Fundraising will bring that valuable viewpoint to your capital campaign, helping your organization’s leadership to craft a strategic, effective and innovative capital campaign to raise the dollars you need to build your dream. Do you need a Development Audit before getting started? Should you have a feasibility study performed before launching your campaign? Key Fundraising will answer those questions, and many others, for you.

Board Training and Retreats don’t have to be boring. Key Fundraising energizes your Board of Directors to actively raise money for your organization! Various training modules are available, including Annual/Capital Campaign Orientation and Planning, Fundraising Skills Identification and Management, and Cultivating and Recruiting New Board Members While Keeping Current Board Members Productive and Happy. Key Fundraising will help you find the key that will make your Board of Directors a FUNDRAISING BOARD.

Social Media can be a strong fundraising tool. Key Fundraising will help you incorporate social media into your marketing plan (or help you create a marketing plan if you don’t already have one). Key Fundraising will create your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn platforms, link to your website, and teach you how to make social media work for you.

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